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RemNote is Your Thinking and Learning Workspace. Our vision is to reinvent how people learn, think, and collaborate. I'm a Co-Founder of RemNote.

FocusCam is a web app that helps you improve your focus using computer vision.

Study Journey

The personalized curriculum planner for the digital age. I'm currently less involved in the project.

Learning Library

A crowdsources library with links to resources about: Learning-Psychology, Note-Taking, Spaced Repetition, Memory, Visual Learning, Machine Learning, Attention, Creative thinking, Mental Models, Knowledge Representation, Reading, Connected Thought, Edtech, Learning-journey, and more.

Extractly - Document Data Extraction AI Dashboard

I build a Dashboard for a Data-extraction-AI with React-Typescript which is similar to This AI was originally developed for More about the project can be found on

Repio - A simple spaced repetition app to help you remember to learn

The most simple spaced repetition app you have ever seen. Completely detached from the lessons, notes, videos and other forms of knowledge you want to learn. More about the application on

Pivot Talks

An event I organized and interviewed Thomas Bachem, Taner Akcok, and Heiko Rauch. They shared thier fuckups and pivots as part of an interactive format.

Coocup Concept

The idea of this product was to bulid the AirBnb of Food. However, it turned out that there are some factors that minimize the potential for this type of venture. The click-dummy can be tried here